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Central West NSW

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Statewide Motel Brokers is the Leading Resource for Motels for sale in Sydney, Rural and Remote NSW. As a fully qualified Motel Broker office, we offer Motels for Lease, Motels for sale Freehold, Motel investments and Motel broker services. If you are looking to buy or lease a Motel for Sale, Statewide Motel Brokers is you number one choice in New South Wales. See all of our Motels for Sale.

Motels for Sale

4 Star Motor Inn IMG_0274
$440,000 nett after rent
3000 sqM
28 Rooms
4 Stars
Property Status: Leasehold

Street view #3
$126,000 nett after rent
4000 sqM
25 Rooms
3.5 Stars
Property Status: Leasehold

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